Gargani + Company

helps organizations around the world achieve their social and environmental missions by measuring their impact, designing new programs, and improving performance.

John Gargani


Evaluator, professor, speaker, and writer. Over 20 years of experience directing evaluations of every type:

  • large, multi-site randomized trials
  • program design projects for new ventures
  • evaluation of social enterprises

Ph.D. | Evaluation and Measurement | UC Berkeley

MS | Statistics | New York University

MBA | Wharton School

Uda Walker

Senior Project Manager

Evaluation manager, implementation specialist, and team leader. Ten years of experience managing the implementation of:

  • large, multi-site randomized trials
  • online surveys and tests
  • evaluation of community groups and schools

M.A. | Middle East Politics | School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London

B.A. | International Relations | San Francisco State

Michael Strong

Collaborator: The Rapid Assessment of Teacher Effectiveness (RATE)

Researcher, author, and expert in teacher training, mentoring, and evaluation. Over 30 years of experience, including:

  • Director of Research at the New Teacher Center
  • Senior Researcher at the Center for Research in the Interest of Underserved Students (CERIUS) at UC Santa Cruz
  • Senior Researcher at the UC San Francisco Center on Deafness

Ph.D. | Educational Research | UC Berkeley


Founder & CEO
Softcare, Canada
Softcare is a Canadian B-Corp that helps social service and community health organizations increase their effectiveness by using data strategically. Gargani + Company has developed predictive analytics that integrate with Softcare’s client management data systems.

Richard Lightbown

Collaborator: Predictive Analytics

Experienced data analyst and project leader.

Darrel Skousen

Research Project Manager

Supports and evaluates the development of programs, organizations, and collaborations.

Mona Farid-Nejad

Research Project Manager